Sun & Sand – cycling in desert and living in historical caravansary

this is an offer from our team to travel agencies and tour operators for cooperating. we are ready to hold every types of cycling tours in Iran.

Many bikers have experience of cycling in mountain or forest passes but some routes are not so popular. Having a tour in some of this routes can be unforgettable memories in all over the life.

Imagine you are inside a desert with golden sands. Sky is sunny and clear but in an autumn day in Heart of Iran, temperature is not so high and it’s suitable for having a nice adventure in desert. Clear sky and flat desert (with some sand hills everywhere) helps you to see far distances but there are not any other live there. In an ancient dirt road covered by sands and stones you can pass the desert as the ancient travelers from Europe to china via Silk Road. May be passing the heart of Iran is the most difficult part of their travel. Absolutely none of that travelers have chance to pass this road by bike. But nowadays it’s possible.

This route is cross the national park of Kavir desert and in everywhere is possible to see signs of historical travelers. In this way there are 4 caravansary build in 15th century. It is possible to accommodation in there. Everything here is historical and easily you can sense a time traveling to 500 years ago.

So you are invited to a bike trip and cross the desert in heart of Iran

Whats included in tour 

  1. Visiting historical city of Kashan
  2. Visiting the historical caravansary of Maranjab and accommodation there
  3. Visiting the salt lake
  4. Climbing the huge sand hills.
  5. Visiting the Bahram palace caravansary and accommodation there
  6. Visiting the einol-rashid caravansary
  7. Visiting the ancient paved road inside the desert
  8. A cultural tour in Tehran

Our services

  • Hotel and accommodations
  • Meal and snacks
  • Airport transfer in Iran
  • Leader
  •  Support car
  • Entrance of all sites

The best time

November, December and March are the best months for visit Kavir desert.


Chanlibel group is ready to cooperation with every tour operators and travel agencies all around the world. We can prepare everything here for you to hold a nice tour in Iran. We can plan unique tours as your request and we are not any limitation in tours. Only be in contact with us. Take a look to our general tour plans and then give me more information to make the tour specialized for you .the prices are our price for cooperation and companies and you can have your own price for your clients.

for more information please contact with us . we are the best offers for cycliong tours in Iran . its enough to know more about  your wants and prepare a plan according your request from very beutiful and varied nature of Iran .
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