from Sabalan to Alborz mountains – 11 days by bike

Sabalan is a summit in north west of Iran . and Alborz mountains are chain mountains located in south of Caspian sea  as a belt from east to west . in this tour we start biking from mehraban town near sabalan and in 11 days after crossing the mountains and highlands reach to caspian see . the step by step of the tour is as bellow :
day 1:  after a breakfast in garden in mehraban , the biking had started . we going up in the roads that reach to the sabalan highlands . mehraban was not so cold but after lunch we reach to the montains full of snow . in some places snow was accumulated  more than 10 meters . the back up pickup can not cross the way and we continue without support car . snow and reduction on temperature make the riding difficult . in sunset we reach to the tents of shepherds and ask him to take mo to the destination by pickup . they invite us to the tent and host us with tea, cheese and bread and after that took us to the qaynarja .
the GPS track and pictures of this day can be found in this link
Second day

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