Qeshm , Hormuz and Hengam , the most beautifuls of gulf

In winter that almost of Europe is covered by snow, in some warm parts of the world is the best time for traveling. The south of Iran is one of these places. The Qeshm Island located Inside the Persian Gulf. January and February are the best time for cycling tour in there. In this time, temperature is around 20 and you can enjoy the clear sky, sun shine and beautiful beaches. But what we should do in Qeshm and which places are interesting in this island?

Cycling along the beach. Sea is clear and every time in your side. In some places you can have a swimming and then continue the route.

Dolphins :In Hengam Island that is a smaller island nearby the Qeshm and only five min far from, there are many dolphins in the see. We go by boat and see dancing the dolphins over the waves in the see. It is very interesting to see dolphins in their real home as close as possible and sometimes not more than two meters.

dolphins in hengam

Mangrove forests are a special type of forests, grows in the see and in salty water. This special ecosystem there are only in limited locations in the world and one of the most important of them is the Hara forests in Qeshm. We will visit this forests by boat. you can find more about this forests here 

Architecture of homes and villages in warm places is adapted to the difficult conditions of this places. May many European never see this type of architecture and if they see may don’t have chance to sense it closely. The best way of know more about it, is living with locals in this homes. In this trip we will have chance to live with locals in local homes. All tour members can wear the traditional dresses of local people and take pictures with this clothes and also with local peoples.

Laft traditional port and Lenj shipyard

May you don’t hear about Lenj? Lenj is a traditional type of ships in the countries around Persian Gulf. This type of ships build from wood. May seeing this ships will remind you Ali Baba and Sinbad stories. In Laft port you have chance to visit the workshops of building the Lenj as close as possible. some pictures from Laft Port : here

Lenj yard in laft

Laft Port in Qeshm

Hurmuz is another island near Qeshm. The most important things that make this island very interesting for travelers is its multicolor soil. In every places of this small island you will see soils with different colors from white to several type of red and black. The colors of the soil are so varied that every year it used for generating a huge colorful carpet in the beach. Design of this carpets for several years can be seen in pictures bellow. Some women and children fill the bottles from colorful soil and sell it in local markets. The Souvenir of this island is not limited to this soil. Many types if Marian Souvenirs are available in the local markets. Ladies in team also can enjoy the beautiful painting on their hands and arms with Hanna done by local women. Women are really expert to make this art in short time. more about Hurmuz :here

colorful sands of hormuz

Under water life in island:

Warm waters of gulf is a very suitable place for living of several types of Marian animals. One of most interesting things to do in island is diving and see the underwater life. We will take half of day for this.

diving in Qeshm

Seeing the crocodiles in a farm also will be interesting for travelers. There are a big farm of crocodiles in island and we take a tour on this farm. People can feed the crocodiles and visit them in several conditions.more about this park : here 

crocodile park

Stars valley

One of most interesting places in Qeshm is the stars valley. But why said stars valley? Local people believe the huge cutes in the ground done by falling the stars from sky. You can read more about this in this link:

Chahkouh is a magic valley in Qeshm. Its name means well in mountain. This valley produced by erosion of rocks by water and wind. Now it has very beautiful shapes and walking between them is like to passing a fabulous pass.more pics of chahkouh : here 

chahkouh valley

Old bazaar of Qeshm

The bazaar of Qeshm is a traditional place looks a bazaars for many years ago that many merchants from Rome and China comes to gulf to trade their goods. In this bazaar you will have a fast travel in time and centuries.

Our accommodation:

You will surprise about accommodation. In this week we provide a varied type of accommodations for you. Very nice and modern hotel, living in rural house in small villages in island, having camp in unique beach of Hormuz with colorful soil and sands and also camping in silver beach of Hengam. This island is more pristine that you can believe. In some of this special beaches there nobody else than you (if you like). And also possible to select some public places to have a Socialize with local people. Our accommodation is according below:

Hotel in Qeshm

Camping in Hormuz

House in Soza

Camping in Hengam

House in Soheili

House in Laft


Marian foods are the most important part of the foods in island. In addition many types of Iranian delicious foods are available there. In this islands you can taste a varied range of foods and you will enjoy them.

Memorials and gifts from Qeshm

Many types of marian animals are available in Qeshm and local people are expert to producing some decorating goods from them. in addition, dates of Qeshm are from the best in the world. Many people like to have some local dresses for memorial or at least wear the clothes and take some pictures. We will provide every things about it.

With bike or without;

This tour can be held by bike or without. The roads around the island are very suitable for nice cycling but if you are interested the tour can be held without bike and we can prepare proper transfer equipment for travelers. Without bike t transferring between islands are easier but only by bike its possible to sense all of the natures beauty in this tour.


This tour for seven days price only ***(Email)  EURO for travel agencies and tour operators. . This price is including:

  • Tour guide
  • All transfers
  • All entrances
  • Support car in all around the route
  • Accommodations
  • Meals and snakes
  • Essential spare parts

And it is not includes:



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