warm winter in south of Iran. mountain cycling and cultural trip

Iran, everything that you want

Iran is a big country. There are several climates in every places of this country. In North West there ate high mountains and cold weather, north is full of forest and rice fields. In central located 2 big deserts. Places with temperature that is unbelievable. And the warm climate in south. In south east of Iran that named Khuzestan, there are very beautiful collection of mountains, rivers and green fields .in February that the north of Iran is covered with snow, this mountains are completely green and it’s the best time for have a trip.

Our offer for a  eight days trip to Iran in February is this location.

This place is the boundary of the mountain and plan. Karoon the biggest river of Iran has started from this mountains and after passing the plan reach to the Persian Gulf.

The nature of the route

The cycling will be started from plan . after fifty kilometers we will reach to the karoon river and pass it to continue the cycling in the mountain. This mountains are covered by the Porous rocks and sparse oak trees . the big lake of the karoon dam its in this way. Using the boats we will go to the beautiful island amid the lake . in next days several times the nature will be changed among the spare forests, rocks , plains and rivers . finally  we will reach again to the big plane of Khuzestan ans beside the karoon river will continue the road to the Shushtar city that is one of the most historical places in Iran and one of the places that Irans ancient civilizations had started there . for last day in Khuzestan we consider a cultural tour by bus to visit the historical places of shushtar and shush cities .


In Tehran and Shushtar, accommodations are in hotels .for first day we will stay in a home stay and in other ones we will camping in the nature.

camping in island

Food :

The tour is including all foods . breakfast , lunch , dinner , snack and evening meal , tea and coffee , fruit and water . you don’t need to provide or buy food all along the way .

Guide :

This tour  is fully guided . an experienced bike coach will guide the tour . all routes are completely disegned and are ready for gps . depending to the count of members , 2 or more other persons help the team in this tour .

Daily program :

Day 1: arrive to the Tehran and  rest in hotel. In morning we will go by bus to the south west of iran ( izeh city ).

Day 2: cycling from Izeh to Susan among the wheat fields and stay in home stay in Susan. (50 km)

izeh to susan

Day 3: cycling from Susan to Karta village and then go by boat to the flowers island. Camping in the island (60 km)

Day4: going with bout to the lake side and continue in a mountain pass to the shimbar. A beautiful place with forest, lake and a huge waterfall. We will camp near the lake (60km)

shimbar waterfall

Day 5 : a mountain pass from Shimbar to Kohanab . Very beautiful valleys we will see in this route. Camping near the village (55 km)

Day 6 : a downward route from mountain to the field and cycling beside the river to the Shushtar city . Stay in hotel. (100 km)

Shushtar historical Hydraulic systems

Day 7: a cultural tour to visit the historical sites of Shushtar and shush cities (more than four thousand  years civilization). Afternoon go to the Tehran and stay in hotel.

Day 8: city walking tour in Tehran and visit grand bazar and some historical palaces and museums.

 What is included in this tour ?


  • Hotel accommodation in cities
  • Experienced guide for all days
  • Tent for camping
  • Home stay in one village
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fruits for all days
  • Bus transports
  • Support car and luggage transfer in all of the route ( excluding the island )
  • Beat transfer to island
  • Detailed GPS ready map
  • All entrances
  • Airport transfer
  • Drinks ( nonalcoholic ) and snakes


  • Flight tickets
  • Rental bike
  • Rental helmet
  • Rental GPS device
  • Personal insurances (travel)

how we can take a part in this tour ?

this tour can be hold from begining of feburary until end of march for groups more than five person . for more information please be in contact with us :

email : info@chanlibel.ir 

instagram : aidinmehrabani

tell: +989356557284